Mediation Services

The Law Offices of Barbara Ancira offer mediation services and facilities for most any disputed issue in increments of two hours.

How Does Mediation Work?

Mediation is a less formal process where parties can discuss issues and reach an agreement. There is a facilitator to assist in resolution, but there is no judge involved in the mediation process. Like a judge, the facilitator does not represent either party.  The difference is a judge can issue an order contrary to the wishes of either party, whereas reaching an agreement in mediation is voluntary. However, participation in good faith mediation may be required by the courts before a contested litigation on the matter at hand can be scheduled. If the parties reach an agreement in mediation, that is a contract, and that agreement can be submitted to the court for approval.  When the court accepts such an agreement, either party may submit an order to the court that complies with the agreement and such an order is enforceable like any other court order.

Benefits Of Mediation

Benefits of mediation include less time, reduced cost, and greater control of the results. Time savings come from the flexibility of avoiding the courts schedule and time restrictions, such as discovery time lines and notice schedules. This time savings translates into cost savings in attorney fees and other expenses associated with contested hearings. In addition, since the only parties with input are the principals there may be compromise, but no judge-ordered terms or consequences.


In addition to participating in dozens of mediations as counsel for one of the parties, Barbara Gayl Ancira has had intensive training in both general mediation techniques as well as Family Law mediation training.