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Family Law in Comal County, TX


Children need loving, caring parents to help them through childhood and adolescence. It is a happy day when a child is adopted. The Law Offices of Barbara Gayl Ancira is willing to help prospective parents through the legal process of termination, if necessary, and adoption and bring that happy day to a reality.

Termination of parental rights can be an overwhelming prospect for a parent, but in some cases it is necessary. Whether termination of parental rights is voluntary or not, Barbara stands ready to help those parents who are facing termination as well as those needing to terminate the parental rights of a parent to understand the ramifications of what it means to be a parents who rights are terminated.

Child Custody

Your child’s welfare should be everyone’s primary concern when you are dealing with a child custody issue. Even when it is, it can be difficult for parents and their children in such a life changing situation. As an adult child of divorce as well as a divorced parent, Barbara understands the need to find a reasonable resolution to your child custody concerns.

This firm strives to make sure you understand what your options are as it concerns your children, find creative solutions to fit your particular situation if possible, and stand up for your rights as a parent.


We feel strongly that there is no shame in divorce. Marriage is a difficult proposition for any two people. We have no bias in favor of holding a marriage together nor any bias in favor of dissolving it. Our only biases are in favor of our clients making the decision that is right for their personal well‑being, and in seeing to it that if they do seek divorce, they receive a fair settlement.

At the outset, however, we do ask that you be absolutely certain that your marriage has passed the point of saving.

Comal County and the surrounding area has a number of counseling resources such as psychologists, ministers, etc., who are skilled in marriage counseling. Counseling seldom works magic or provides immediate solutions; a good counselor seldom makes judgments as to who is at fault and seldom dictates to either spouse as to what he, she or they should do. On the contrary, counseling helps the parties to understand what they are doing in the marriage relationship and why. Counseling often gives new perspectives on people’s lives and often causes them to make changes in their lifestyles which make the marriage more satisfying. At times, also, counseling makes persons decide that they are better off divorced, but helps them to accept divorce in a positive light and to view themselves and their spouse with more understanding.

If you find that you are experiencing emotional problems while the divorce is pending, we encourage you to employ a therapist for your personal benefit. I am a counselor at law, not psychology, and a therapist can help you with any emotional problems much more effectively than we can. We would be happy to furnish to you a list of therapists if you wish.

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