Estate Planning

Estate Planning and Probate by Barbara Gayl Ancira

Estate planning can be simple as long as you do not have a large estate. This office can help you with a simple Will as well as other documents you might need like a Physician’s Directive (sometimes referred to as a “Living Will”), a Medical Power of Attorney, Durable Power of Attorney and Designation of Guardian. When you retain the services of Barbara Gayl Ancira, rest assured that she will explain how best to draft the Will that meets your needs while keeping in mind that you will want a document that will be applicable to your testamentary desires even as your estate changes. We will explain the differences between the probated assets and the non-probated assets. You will know the ramifications of your signatures to each document, have a chance to review each document at your leisure and have all your questions answered before scheduling your appointment to execute your estate planning documents. If you are looking for an attorney to advise you on whether you need a trust documents in order to do more sophisticated estate planning, Barbara Gayl Ancira is here to help keeping in mind your goals for estate planning.